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Privacy Notice

This Privacy Notice applies to the personal data of Philips Hue Beta test members that is collected and pressed by Philips Connected Lighting, part of Koninklijke Philips N.V. further in this Notice referred as Philips.
Philips publishes this Privacy Notice to communicate how Philips gathers and uses information about you, how Philips collects data from the tested hardware, how Philips protect it, and how you can participate in its protection.

Shared information
Philips require people who participate as Beta test member, to give us contact information. Depending on the Beta test project, Philips asks for contact information, such as; name, address, phone number, MAC-address of tested hardware and e-mail address. This is also necessary for hardware delivery and test instructions. A username and password is provided for you to access the Philips Hue community website. Philips might ask for additional information on personal owned products used in the test, like telephones or tables. The product type, brand and state of the software of the used device are relevant in the test and therefor can be requested. Philips might ask you to try Philips owned or third party Applications on your device.

Data collection
The hardware that you receive interacts with the servers from Philips. Philips collects data from the servers to analyze functional behavior and status of the products in Beta test. Philips might remotely upgrade the software inside the tested products.
The data collected from our servers is processed anonymously and is not distributed outside Philips.
Your test feedback, in any form, is processed into anonymous reporting’s and it is not distributed outside Philips.
Joining the Beta test includes your permission and approval for data collection and pushed software upgrades to the test devices.

No commercial activities
Philips will not use your contact information for commercial or sales related activities.

Data storage
During your membership to the Beta test community your contact details are stored to our systems.
Collected Data is stored per Beta test project to our systems for a maximum of 2 years.

Philips does not give commitment on functionality of the received products, received software or correctness of documents provided.
You cannot claim warranty on the products in Beta test.

Philips can stop the Beta test.
Philips can stop the Beta test activity at any time, without a notification of reason.
Philips can exclude Beta testers or tester candidates or cancel cooperation with Beta testers without a notification of reason.

Opting Out Policy
If, at any time, you want to stop participating in the Beta test, just send a request to the Beta test manager to cancel your partnership. At cancelation of the partnership Philips will ask you to return the received hardware.
Your commitment to the Non-Disclosure Agreements remains valid after cancelation of participation.
Your registration and contact details will be removed from our systems and Philips will no longer contact you for Beta test activities.
It is possible to temporarily stop in supporting the Beta test community for a period of maximal 6 months. In that case Philips puts all interactions on hold until you report your availability again.

Beta test manager contact details:
Mark Tullemans
Philips Lighting
High Tech Campus Eindhoven
Building HTC45-2A
5656AE Eindhoven
The Netherlands
TEL: +31611605593